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Cosmo & Metro Waste Containers

Motion Sports and Safety Products is pleased to offer a line of commercial grade trash containers.

The Cosmo and Metro are perfect for arenas.  They are 40 gallon capacity and they have a unique lift and lock lid to secure the waste (no mechanical lock is required)

Features of the Cosmo and Metro waste containers:

The unique twist lock opening is designed to keep the contents secure without the need for mechanical locks that freeze or rust. To open, simply lift and turn the lid simultaneously in any direction until the lid locking grooves clear the molded base tabs.

You will “feel” the lid unlock. To install the lid, simply drop back into place, (no need to turn or align the grooves with the base tabs). This ingenious feature makes this a popular container for use in: cities, transit authorities, airports, colleges and commercial properties.

The Cosmo, is built tough as nails and may possibly be the last container you ever need!

Cosmo Plastic Waster Garbage Container
Brampton Plastic Waste Garbage Container

Victorian Plastic Waste Container

Victorian style plastic trash container

Features of the Victorian waste container:

  • Molded in Victorian style filigree
  • Anchor holes for securing to ground
  • Large “full height” side open door for easy access
  • Made in your choice of solid or stone color
  • Molded from U.V. stabilized, grafitti resistant polyethylene
  • 55 gallon capacity
  • 45” tall x 25” x 25”

Pole Mount Plastic Waste Container

Poul Mounted Garbage and Trash Container

Features of the pole mount container:

  • Tilt Lock base
  • Anchor holes for mounting to flat surface
  • Molded slots for strapping to a pole
  • Made in your choice of solid or stone color
  • Molded from U.V. stabilized, graffiti resistant polyethylene
  • 15 gallon capacity
  • 32” tall x 14” diameter
  • 12 Lbs shipping weight
  • Ships 25 per skid, bulk packed
  • Lockable keyway slide

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