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My name is Heather Logan and I am the owner of Motion Sports and Safety Products maker of the plastic ice skating aid called the Skate Helper formally known as the KEZ ice scooter.

The idea for the molded plastic skate helper came about after a frustrated father tried to take his kids ice skating to local rink and there were no ice skating aids available. The family turned around and went home.

After talking with various rinks we realized arenas used all sorts of items as skate helpers from metal bars, pvc pipe, to little chairs, pylons, and milk crates. We realized there may be a market for a molded plastic ice skating aid. We spoke to arena programmers and got their input into what would make a great skate aid. We knew the metal bars and other skating aids can be dangerous and do not offer much stability for young skaters.

Our Skate Helper is being used by ice arenas all over Canada and the US. The City of Toronto has over 100 in their city arenas. The City of Vancouver has over 80.

The Skate Helper is 29 inches high and weighs 17lbs. The “NEW” feature of the Skate Helper is that it now locks into place when stacked.

The Skate Helper is by far the safest ice skating aid on the market. It is made from molded plastic and will last for years.  We recommend the Skate Helper be used in a supervised environment.

I am passionate about kids and helping them learn how to skate. As a hockey family, we live and breathe skating and life at the rink. My goal is to help as many youngsters as possible learn how to skate quickly and safely

Heather Logan – Founder & CEO

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Quick Company Facts:

  • Motion Sports and Safety Products formally known as KEZ Recreational Products has been in business since 2007.
  • Over 700 arenas in Canada and the US are using the Skate Helper. Globally, the Skate Helper Skating Aids are being used in Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, England, and Dubai.
  • We are located in British Columbia, Canada and we manufacture and ship from the USA.
  • We do not sell to individuals or retail stores. We sell directly to ice arenas. We do not use distributors.

The Skate Helpers are shipped on pallets directly from the manufacturer in Canton, GA.

We do not sell single units and do not sell the skate helper in retail stores. We sell directly to ice arenas throughout North America.

Tell us how many you are looking for and your ship to address and we’ll get back to you right away.

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