Girl needs a skating aid to learn how to skate


Learning how to skate is more fun with a skate helper skating aid

Operating Guidelines


Guidelines for operating and maintaining the SKATE HELPER

  1. Operation
    We recommend that the Skate Helpers be used under supervision of ice rink staff at all times.

    Many rinks use the skating aids during supervised parent-and-tot skates and do not allow them out during public skates. The Skate Helpers need to be monitored at all times.

    The Skate Helper is ideally suited for children ages 3 to 9 years of age. It is 29 inches high and weighs 17lbs. An adult can use two stacked together.

    The Skate Helper is meant to be an aid giving children stability on the ice. It is not meant to be used to teach children how to skate.

    The Skate Helper should be held on the sides where the handles are. Do not allow children to push the Skate Helper from the top middle as this may cause it to tip.

  2. Maintenance and Warranty of the Skate Helper:
    Motion Sports advises arenas to stack and store the Skate Helpers when not in use.

    For cleaning, use soap and water (sometimes a soft scrub with bleach on black marks is required). The color is in the material, so it won’t come off.

    Motion Sports guarantees the Skate Helper against manufacturing defects for 2 years from the date of purchase. The Skate Helpers should last 8 – 10 years before the colors begin to fade and show wear and tear from being used.

    When we originally designed the Skate Helper in early 2007 we approached the CSA for approval and were told at the time that there was no safety test available. We believe the Skate Helper is the safest skating aid available. A plastic Skate Helper is safer than a metal bar. The plastic used in production is the same plastic used to make playground equipment.

    We’ve been in business for over 17 years. Over 1000 ice arenas are using the Skate Helper in their programming. Skate Helper is durable, affordable, safe and fun.

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The Skate Helpers ship from our manufacturer Step 2 in Ohio. The Skate Helpers ship on pallets. Minimum order is 4 and max 12 fit on a pallet.
We do not sell single units and do not sell the Skate Helper in retail stores.

We sell directly to ice arenas throughout the world.
Tell us how many you are looking for and your shipping address and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours with a price.

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