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Skate Helper is the ice skating aid for kids and adults.
skating aid for adults


Skate Helper is Safe,
Sturdy and Stacks.


This ice-skating trainer is used by ice arenas all over Canada, the USA and globally.

The safe, sturdy, and fun skate aid that stacks

The Ultimate Skate Helper & Skating Aid

Quick Facts about the Skate Helper Skating Aid:

  1. The Skate Helper has a recessed panel on the front where many rinks are branding the skate helper using a company or sponsorship logo decal. We can produce the decals for you when you place your order. Just ask us for a quote.
  2. The Skate Helper is really easy to store. It’s 29 inches high and weighs 17lbs. They lock together when stacked.
  3. From Alaska to Florida and Vancouver to Nova Scotia arenas across North America are choosing to use the Skate Helper skating aids. Globally, we’ve shipped the Skate Helper to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, England and Dubai. Many pro-sports organizations are using the Skate Helper for their community programs.
  4. The Skate Helper ice skating aid completely changes the ice skating experience for children and families. Parents will no longer strain their back holding up their child. The Skate Helper assists the child to get their balance and confidence and they feel safe learning to ice skate. The Skate Helper provides a positive and enjoyable experience at the rink. In addition, you can stack two together for an adult to use.

See the skate helper in action!
Chicago Blackhawks
See the Skate Helper in action with the Chicago Blackhawks First Stride Program

The Skate Helper skating aid comes in three awesome colours

Blue Skate Helper Skating Aid

Skate Helper is the ultimate ice-skating training aid for kids and adults.

Skate Helper Features

Skate Helper Skating Aid

    It’s durable, made of molded plastic. It’s 29 inches high and weighs 17lbs.


    No maintenance required. No steel bars, foam grips or bolts to replace. It will last for years.


    The units stack on top of each other and lock into place.


    Each unit has a recessed panel on the front. The panel is 11 inches across and 8.5 inches down. Many rinks put a logo sticker in the recessed panel.


    The colors brighten up the rink. Blue, Red and Green. It’s ideal for kids ages 3 – 9.

The Skate Helpers are shipped on pallets directly from the manufacturer in Canton, GA.

We do not sell single units and do not sell the skate helper in retail stores. We sell directly to ice arenas throughout North America.

Tell us how many you are looking for and your ship to address and we’ll get back to you right away.

We work with a freight broker to get the lowest rates possible.

Over 1000 arenas in Canada and the US are using the Skate Helper

“Just and FYI, our customers love the Skate Helpers. I’ve used several other products over the years and the Skate Helpers are the best. They are sturdy, stable and I love the way they stack. It really makes them easy to deal with in our limited storage space. Thank You!”

“We are enjoying the skate helpers. Families and new skaters really like them and fell comfortable using them.  They are a nice visible aid on the as as compared to the old wire frames of yester year.”

“Just an FYI, the people love the skate aids and we love having them, they have been a great addition for our public skating sessions.  Thank you,”

“We’ve been using the Ice Scooters for several years and absolutely love them. We are now up to 25 scooters and will be looking to get more every couple of years.”

“The ice scooter skate aids are well built to survive constant use in a public environment.  Our customers do enjoy them.”

“These have made a big difference for our little skaters, thanks!”

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