Sno-Kings Ice Arena

Discovering Community and Confectionery Delights at Sno-King Ice Arenas in Kirkland, WA

I recently visited the Kirkland, WA location of my new customer Sno-King Ice Arenas. They have three locations in WA.

They offer learn to skate and learn to play hockey programs. They are truly a community rink. The Kirkland location is in a mall, which is interesting. There were lots of food options for parents waiting during practices. Factory Donuts next door was a big hit with the kids and parents. I did try the glazed donuts and they were amazing.

Sno-King does a great job at advertising their programs. Lots of flyers were at the entrance listing camps and classes available.

The facility was clean and inviting. Lots of parents were there the day I visited as there as a figure skating competition taking place.

Ice arenas can do so much with marketing and social media to remind parents of all the different programs being offered. Sno-King is a great example of a community rink that brings the community together.

Sno-Kings Ice Arena