Create Theme Events at your Ice Arena

Hi, it’s Heather from Skate Helper.  Last week I posted suggestions on how to create additional revenue. I realized there is also an opportunity to create weekly, monthly, seasonal theme events that will generate more revenue and help you become a top choice for birthday parties and other celebrations.

You may need to hire an event planner to help you create, market and execute these theme nights. Another more cost-effective option would be to gather up all staff and brainstorm on what types of theme nights would work best at your facility.

Kids Birthday Parties

Your arena can become the number one birthday party destination. You can offer different packages and price them accordingly just like our customer Mt. Lebanon Ice Center (image of one of their parties pictured above).  The hockey birthday party, the Disney birthday party, the skating and craft birthday party.  Lots of options for this. Offer parents the online invitations and party room and make it easy for parents to book a party. Have your staff there ready to help create a positive experience. Offer Skate Helpers to those who may not know how to skate.

Skating party invitation from

Date Night or Teen Night

Hire a DJ to play music and put on a light show. Invite a food truck to the event or ask a local café to handle the catering. If you have a licensed restaurant in the facility you can offer special dinner-and-drink options.

Seasonal Holiday Events

This can be a big money maker. Use music, lights and decorations have staff dressed in costumes. Make if fun and exciting. Give your customers a memorable experience that would create an annual tradition that everyone looks forward to.

Skating Sessions for Seniors

Have Skate Helpers available for those who are nervous to get back skating. You could also invite community health agencies once a week or once a month to offer free blood pressure checks, diabetes testing, eye testing etc. Your arena becomes a community health and wellness center.

Market your Event Space

Market your event space to local companies as the perfect corporate event experience. Offer companies corporate packages like a “Try Hockey” session or “Try Broomball” then have a party room area where they can have a team building session. Offer full catering and event planning making it easy for the company to book a corporate event with you.

While hockey can be an expensive sport ice skating is not. Ice skating is social, inexpensive and most skating is done indoors so you don’t have to depend on the weather to go skating unless of course you are skating outdoors.

Stay Safe and Healthy

Heather at Skate Helper