Marketing Boot Camp

The Power Of Digital Media And Your Business

Hi, it’s Heather from Skate Helper. It’s April 2021 and I really hope ice arenas all over the world can start planning for a full reopening in the 2021/2022 winter skating season.
It’s been a long road for sure and here at Skate Helper we have been hit hard but are continuing to plan for the future.

I had some extra time on my hands and decided to take an eight-week digital marketing boot camp. I learned so much in those eight weeks and I highly recommend getting some digital marketing training so you understand it and how it can really help your

Below are the top 10 tips I learned from this boot camp.

  1. Make sure your content looks good on a phone. Most people use their phone to look up hours, reserve a spot, look at other services your arena may offer.
  2. Review your website and picture gallery a couple of times a year or more. Review the content you are providing.
  3. Update new programs or any other new service you offer. Your website represents your brand identity.
  4. Know your Personas. A persona is your ideal customer. Speak to them. Who are they? Where do they live? What social media platforms do they hang out on? Are they on Facebook or Instagram? Where can you connect with them?
  5. Invest in a professional digital marketing consultant. Have them review all your marketing and advertising.
  6. A professional can review your marketing and they can make sure your branding is consistent and represents who you are and what your brand is all about.
  7. Be authentic and natural. What are your company values? What initiatives does your ice arena do in the community? In many small communities, the ice arena is the focal point for families and kids. Where they learn to skate, where there are events held or what’s happening right now – the local arena is a covid testing site or covid vaccination site.
  8. You don’t have to be everywhere on social media. Take a hard look at how you acquire customers. Do they become advocates for your brand? What makes your ice arena stand apart from other arenas. Is it the programs you offer, the facility itself, or outstanding customer service? Really think about what makes your ice arena the choice for families and kids and hockey teams.
  9. Remember you can repurpose digital content. Work with a digital marketer and plan out a calendar of what information you want to market or advertise. Is the summertime to promote ice skating birthday parties? What about summer camps? When do you start registering for hockey or figure skating sessions? How about booking rec hockey leagues or corporate events? If you schedule everything out and pre-plan you then have new information that your customers are looking for.
  10. The power of branding is so important. It might make sense to hire a professional to not only review your branding but refresh it. Where is your name and logo? Does it look old and tired?

After completing the digital marketing boot camp I have revised my website. I am going to plan and schedule email marketing campaigns and will mail brochures to ice arenas in Canada and the US.

Wishing you all great success in the future. We are almost at the finish line.

Stay Safe

Heather from Skate Helper