A Sneak Peek of What’s Coming up from Skate Helper

Hi, it’s Heather from Skate Helper. Want a sneak peek of what’s coming up? I recently went to Chicago to see the Chicago Blackhawks First Stride Program in action and shoot a video….which is coming soon.

First Class Organization

I was so impressed with the Chicago Blackhawks – they truly are an iconic, first-class organization. From the modern design and cleanliness of the Fifth – Third Arena, the innovative and community driven First Stride Program, to the experienced, professional, forward thinking Blackhawks representatives – all I can say is my visit to the Fifth-Third Arena was simply amazing.

The First Stride Program

The First Stride program has been using the Skate Helper as a tool since the arena opened in 2017. Every day, sixty grade 4 and 5 students take part in the program.
First Stride is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The students arrive on school buses and are treated like VIP’s as soon as they walk in. The locker room is set up with each of their names, they get a t-shirt, gloves and skates all laid out in the cubby ready to go.
After the 40 minute skating session the kids head upstairs to the classroom to do a STEM education program ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The morning I was there the kids were building robots. It was so cool.
Very proud that the Skate Helper is a big part of the First Stride Program. Click here to check it out.

Tour of Fifth- Third Arena and my trip to Chicago….coming soon.