Folsom, CA skating rink using Skate Helper Skating Aids

Learn how to generate revenue with the Skate Helper

As the 2017/2018 skating season is coming to a close we wanted to reach out to all of our customers to thank you for another successful year. We were busy at Motion Sports as we redesigned the skate aid and renamed it the Skate Helper. We launched a new website and had two molds designed. Along with doubling our production capacity adults can now use two skate helpers as they will lock into place when stacked.

We had many customers use the Skate Helper as a revenue stream. By putting a sticker/logo on the recessed panel on the front many rinks rented the Skate Helper out.

Folsom Rink in California put a “RENT ME” sign on the front of every skate helper. This seasonal rink operates from November to the end of January. During this time, they rented out over 1000 Skate Helpers at the price of $10 per maximum 90 minute session. Folsom Rink takes skating to another level by using lights and music to create a full experience – it’s much more than just skating at a rink it’s a destination for the area. As owner Brian Jackson said, “we sold out of the skate helpers during many sessions. The staff loves them and so do our customers.”

In November, a customer in Washington State emailed me to say,
“They arrived and we put them out for rent at $5/per this weekend.  We rented 46 over
the weekend for $230 in revenue… not a bad start!”

The Skate Helpers are used all over North America. From the Chicago Blackhawks ordering them for their new community arena to the New England Patriots using them at their outdoor seasonal rink. Over 300 arenas are using the Skate Helper. The university of Notre Dame has them and a small community rink in Moses Lake, WA has them. These rinks were able to enhance their customer’s experience by introducing the Skate Helper to their facility.

Arenas around the world are using the Skate Helper. From cities like Vancouver and Toronto, to faraway places like Alaska, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Dubai and London England. Without a doubt the Skate Helper is a game changer in terms of elevating the skating experience for families with kids who don’t know how to skate. We would love to see pictures of the Skate Helpers in action at your arena and add them to our website. Please send them to me at [email protected]

We have doubled our production capacity and are ready to work with you in 2018.


Heather Logan
Owner/Founder Motion Sports and Safety Products Inc