Parent and Tot Skate with $5 Skate Helper Rental

Marketing Ideas for Ice Skating Rinks

Ice skating rinks are competing with other entertainment venues when not being used for figure skating, hockey games or practices. Below are some ideas on how ice rinks can market themselves and generate additional revenue.

  1. Having Skate Helpers on hand to rent out to school groups or parents with kids is a great way to make additional revenue. Use the recessed panel on the front of the Skate Helper and put a logo sticker there.
  2. Offer a Skating Card – after 5 visits get your 6 th visit free.
  3. Offer skaters different experiences with “THEME” nights. Rinks can use music, decorations, food, lights to create events that customers want to go to. Bring in other local businesses to highlight their services.
    • Xmas Holiday Theme – with music, lights and decorations
    • Teen Only Skate Nights – bring in local restaurant fare
    • Date Night
    • Valentines’ Day
    • St. Patricks’ Day
    • Easter
    • Summer Fun on the Ice
    • Halloween

The ice rink industry is an 871 million dollar business in the US. It has experienced strong growth over the past few years. Demand has increased because of growing disposable income and rising health awareness.